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Check out our upcoming Winter Show - "Snowflakes and Showtunes". Click here for details.

Entry Deadline Extended till November 25!

2018 winter show Registration FINAL.pdf

2018 winter show Registration FINAL.docx

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate sessions have been posted for the 2018 - 2019 skating season.

We offer lessons for beginners and experienced skaters.  We have sessions for children and adults.  Adults may skate with their children during the practice ice part of their session.  

Beginning Skating

Pre-K (Snowplow 1,2,3) Ages 3-5
These classes use games and introduce moves to young skaters.

Level 1: Ages 6-8
Beginning skaters learn swizzles, glides, stops and 2 foot turns.

Beginner Adult/Teen: 
Students will learn beginning stroking, stopping and crossovers.


Level 2:
Students will learn 1 foot glides, backwards swizzles, 2 foot turns and backwards gliding.

Level 3 & 4: 
Students will learn advanced stroking, slalom, 2 foot spins, crossovers, 3 turns

Level 5 & 6: 
Students will learn backward edges, one foot spins, t-stop, spiral, lunge and bunny hop.

Hockey Skating

Basic Hockey Skating Skills
This is a good first step towards playing hockey.  Students will focus on the basic skating skills needed to play. These include hockey stops, quick turns, footwork and balance.  Hockey skates, stick helmet are required.  Full hockey gear is not required, but recommended.

CIFSC Membership

Now is a great time to start, or renew, your membership, with the Central Iowa Figure Skating club.

Membership has the following benefits:

• Access to the club’s ice time at a member price.

• Individualized training to fit the needs of a skater, including testing preparations to advance in figure skating levels.

• Participation in club activities, including group lessons, competitions and exhibitions.

• US Figure Skating membership.

• Subscription to US Skating Magazine.

• The right to participate in the club’s Board via open election.

• Privilege to order club merchandise.











Purchase Ice Time

Members, were have implemented a new system for you to pay and keep track of your figure freestyle time.

This system replaces the manual card system.

You now purchase tickets for ice time online.  The tickets contain a QR code that is scanned before you enter the ice.  

You can purchase tickets for a single session or multiple sessions.  The tickets can be printed out or displayed on your cell phone.

The largest benefit of this new system is that you can log into your account and view when each ticket was used and how many times remain.

Parents, we need help scanning tickets at figure freestyle sessions.  Let  us know if you can help us out with your iPhone or  Android cell phone.

Contract Ice

We now offer a contract ice program. You can sign a contract agreeing to purchase "all you can skate" for each month in the skating season.  By agreeing to this, you will receive the discounted rate of $125 per month. Additional, graduated, rate is added for additional family member participant. Contact Elena or Derek for more information.







Phone: (515) 371-8666
Email: President CIFSC

We Practice at Buccaneer Arena!

7201 Hickman Road, Urbandale, IA

Member club of US Figure Skating